Do you want to make a real estate loan of 300,000 euros ? Discover the income needed to be able to make this loan in the best conditions.


What level of salary for a loan of 300 000 €?

In order to know if you are able to realize a home loan in the amount of 300.000 € it is essential to calculate your debt ratio. Indeed this one must not exceed the 33%, it is the maximum indebtedness that the banks will accept to lend you money.

By knowing the maximum amount you can allocate to a loan each month you can define the credit you can claim. It is important to get help from a credit expert to determine the length of time you can borrow and the monthly payment. So the higher your monthly payment, the shorter the credit and vice versa.

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Use the table below to find out if you can borrow € 300,000 .


Recap salary and monthly payment for a credit of 300 000 €

duration Maximum monthly payment * Minimum monthly salary †
10 years $ 2589 7845 €
15 years $ 1789 5421 €
20 years $ 1393 $ 4221
25 years $ 1179 $ 3572
  • The monthly payment takes into account the cost of credit, the rate applied to the calculation is the best rate we can obtain over the period indicated.
    † Minimum monthly salary so as not to exceed 33% of indebtedness.


Go further in your simulation


We offer you simulators that can be useful in your search for information to calculate: the maximum amount of a loan, monthly payments, notary fees.

There are other elements that can be taken into account when obtaining your credit, fill out our loan application form so that a broker comes back to you, in addition to bank experts it’s free: Mortgage loan simulation